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Genocide Studies and Massive Violence
IX. Kongress des SOMEF
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A unique course available to undergraduate students and MA candidates from a variety of disciplines, including history, political science, religious studies, psychology, theology, cultural anthropology, sociology, social work, philosophy, medicine or law.

The first of its kind at Charles University and in the Czech Republic.

After completing the course you will have extensive knowledge about:

• the causes and motivations for genocide

• some of the most important cases of genocide and massive violence which have impacted the world today

• how these crimes against humanity are represented in a variety of media and art

• how the subject can be taught at different educational levels

The course is highly inter-disciplinary. International and local scholars will give lectures and engage in close discussion with course participants. The course will be taught in English.

Genocide Studies is a cutting-edge discipline which provides deep insight into many perspectives. Originating in North America out of Holocaust Studies, today Genocide Studies is new to the Czech Republic and Europe.

Lecture + Seminar, 2 hours/week, 6 credits

SIS code of the course: RET8059

Study course „Genocide and Massive Violence“ is scheduled for Autumn term 2015/2016.

The course starts on 7/10/2015. Lessons will take place on Wednesdays from 15:10 till 16:45 at the Protestant Theological Faculty, Černá 9, Prague 1.

For more information see the course description and course leaflet.

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