Why Study in Prague?

Below are a number of reasons you might want to study theology or social work in Prague as an Erasmus student. You may also want to look at the experiences of some former Erasmus students here.

  • Charles University is the oldest university east of the Rhine and north of the Alps, founded in 1348

  • The Protestant Theological Faculty is a small friendly faculty with a family atmosphere

  • Students have a 75% discount on buses and trains in the Czech Republic, so you can visit other Czech towns while you are here

  • It is also easy to get to other Central European cities such as Vienna, Krakow, Budapest, or Dresden

  • We offer plenty of courses in English and a few in German (not to mention Czech!)

  • We arrange an orientation programme for Erasmus students including an introduction to the Czech language and visits to places of interest, as well as information about your studies

  • During the semester we arrange trips to sites of cultural and historical interest

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