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Bachelor's programme "Social services focused on Diaconia and Christian social practice"

This programme is a seven-semester Bachelor's study programme of a joint-degree type.

The students will be registered at the Protestant Theological Faculty of Charles University in Prague and at the Diaconia University of Applied Sciences (Diak) in Helsinki, Finland. On graduation they will receive two diplomas - from both partner universities.

Double degree programme will be run in conjunction with International Academy for Diaconia and Social Action, Central and Eastern Europe, o.p.s. (interdiac)

For more information about Diak in Helsinki click here: ExternĂ­ odkaz  Diak web page

For more information about interdiac click here:ExternĂ­ odkaz  interdiac web page

The field of study encompasses the knowledge skills and competences required for recognition of the programme for the professional practice of social work in the Czech Republic. The curriculum is intended to cover the whole generic field of social work and social services but takes as a special focus the participatory approach, incorporating anti-oppressive practice, empowerment and community development. The course of study also includes the study of social work in the context of churches and faith communities (diaconia) which is an additional study that equips graduates to practice in church related contexts.

Graduates will be competent in all key disciplines required for professional social service work and will have a special competence in participatory approaches, empowerment and anti-oppressive practice. They will have competence in community development, work which is emphasised as a response to exclusion and for working on diversity issues. Graduates will have flexible expertise with skills needed to develop professional work, create new projects and organisations, support networking and work in multi-professional teams. Graduates will also be equipped to undertake and lead diaconal work in churches and Christian organisations. Graduates will also have a skill profile which enables them to work for local, national and international non-governmental or public organisations.

You can learn more about the programme here:

ExternĂ­ odkaz  Course information

If you want to apply check the requirements here:

ExternĂ­ odkaz  Entry requirements

Please note that this programme will NOT BE OPENED in the academic year 2018/2019.

ExternĂ­ odkaz  Application Form

How to complete the on-line application form:

Step 1. Click on "New applicant"

Step 2. Fill in the form for foreigners

Step 3. Choose Protestant Theological Faculty

Step 4. Choose the "combined Bachelor's" type of study and "English" as a language of instruction

Step 5. Study branch - you will find only one option: Social Services Focused on Diaconia and Christian Social Practice (B6141)

Step 6. After finishing and sending the form on-line print it, sign it, and add the following documents:

1/ a cover letter (a short CV)

2/ a copy of high or secondary school graduation certificate or university diploma translated into English (if it was issued in a different language).

3/ a motivation letter (not more than 500 words)

4/ a statement of experience (not more than 1000 words)

All the above described materials send via e-mail (in the PDF format) and to the address below.

Step 7. In addition, you will need to send with your application a document confirming your English language skills. Please send us any document which you have that confirms your proficiency in English. All applicants will sit an English language test during the admission interview.

(NB. Our faculty does NOT require a health certificate or registration fee 20 Euro for this study programme)

Ms Vera Fritzova

Protestant Theological Faculty

P.O.Box 529, Cerna 9,

115 55 Praha 1

Czech Republic


Tuition fees: 2,700 Czech crowns per year (which is equivalent of 100 EUR)

Nostrification process: Applicants who do not have Czech educational qualifications have to submit an official decision by the Czech authorities recognising the validity of their educational qualifications in the Czech Republic (“nostrification”). For more information click Odkaz v rámci webu  here.

You can find more information about the programme here:

ExternĂ­ odkaz  Information on the interdiac web page

The two-year Master's programme in Protestant Theology, taught in English

This programme is open to those who already have a Bachelor's degree in theology and have passed an examination in Greek, Hebrew, and Latin. It enables students to deepen their theological knowledge in the fields of New Testament Studies, Old Testament Studies, Church History, Systematic Theology, Practical Theology, Theological Ethics, Religious Studies, and Philosophy. Students must follow the course full-time in Prague. Those successfully completing the programme will be awarded a Master's degree by Charles University.

Admission procedure: ExternĂ­ odkaz General and faculty requirements

ExternĂ­ odkaz  Application Form

Application deadline: 31st March 2018

Tuition fees: 25,000 Czech crowns per year

Read further information on Odkaz v rámci webu accommodation Odkaz v rámci webu finances and Odkaz v rámci webu visas

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