Topics for the Media

Bargár, Pavol, Doc.

(religion studies)

  • Christianity and (pop)culture

  • religion and spirituality in the contemporary world

  • Christianity and the body

  • interreligious dialogue

Bartoň, Daniel, Dr.


  • religious freedom

  • sexual abuse

  • victims of crime

Čapek, Filip, prof.

(Old Testament, biblical archaeology)

  • Archaeology and the Bible - irreconcilable opposites?

  • the Bible and Philosophy // About the first philosopher whom you may not know 

  • how it was in the beginning - Bible, history, fiction, reality 

  • the origin of the world, of humankind and what happened in the Flood

  • Armageddon + Sodom and Gomorrah // The journey between science and fantasy

Cielontko, Dávid, Dr.

(New Testament)

  • apocryphal (non-biblical, non-canonical) texts and traditions

  • Jesus in history and tradition

Dušek, Jan, doc.

(biblical studies)

  • Semitic inscriptions and manuscripts of ancient Palestine and Syria

  • manuscripts from the Dead Sea

Fischer, Ondřej, Dr.


  • professionalism and criteria for professional conduct, especially in the helping professions

  • ethics and values - how do we know what is right, dilemmas in personal life and work

  • human beings and their human dignity

Gallus, Petr, doc.

(systematic theology)

  • Jesus Christ, his meaning

  • what makes a person human, differences between humans, computers and animals

  • ethical issues: bioethics, human rights, euthanasia

  • biotechnological development and its ethical problems

Halama, Ota, doc.

(church history)

  • cult of saints

  • Hussitism and Utraquism

  • Unity of the Brethren

  • religious monuments of Prague

Hudcová, Eliška, Dr.

(social work)

  • social farming

  • the bond between human beings and nature

  • social work in the countryside

  • resilience

Jandejsek, Petr, Dr.

(systematic theology)

  • human rights

  • poverty and social exclusion

  • liberation Theology - Christianity and Marxism in Latin America

Keřkovský, Pavel, Dr.

(teological ethics)

  • the price of life and the death penalty

  • natural and fundamental rights of the human being

  • the printed word, investigative communication in the post-factual era

  • Christian spirituality in an age of culture wars

  • democracy and the authority of law

Kolář, Ondřej, Dr.

(systematic theology)

  • What is after death? / Where are our dead?

  • What is happiness in the Christian perspective?

  • Does God rule in history?

Kolářová, Marta, Dr. (social studies)

  • inequalities in Czech society

  • gender issues

  • environment

Kranát, Jan, Dr.


  • Czech thought and Christianity (TGM)

  • Russian thought and Christianity

  • modern Islam

Křížová, Eva, doc.

(social work)

  • health and society, health promotion

  • medicalization of life

  • discussion on alternative medicine

  • patient rights

  • work and employment issues

  • the threat to the middle class

  • sustainable social work

Landová, Tabita, doc.

(practical teology)

  • Protestant churches in the Czech Republic

  • worship, liturgy, holidays, rites of passage

  • spiritual and cultural heritage of the Unity of the Brethren

Macek, Petr, doc.

(systematic theology)

  • God's omnipotence

  • Anabaptists

Morée, Peter, Dr.

(church history)

  • churches during the First Republic, World War II, Communism

  • churches and transformations of the 1990s

  • religious freedom and human rights

  • secularisation, the role of religion in Czech society

  • sacred music

Moulis, David, Dr.

(biblical archaeology)

  • biblical archaeology (archaeological research in Israel)

  • religion in ancient Israel

Noble, Ivana, prof.

(ekumenical theology)

  • spirituality

  • the Orthodox and the West

  • how to understand God, man and the world in different Christian traditions

Noble, Timothy, doc.

(ekumenical theology)

  • the religious roots of populism

  • religion in Latin America

  • how can we and why should we talk about Christianity in the Czech Republic today

Sláma, Petr, doc.

(Old Testament)

  • Israel-Palestine conflict

  • modern Israel between secular and religious state

  • the dispute over who is a Jew

  • The Bible as a historical book? How did it originate?

  • How much is Europe a Judaeo-Christian civilization?

  • the Bible and fundamentalism

  • how history is (de)constructed

Širka, Zdenko, Dr.

(ekumenical theology)

  • Orthodox Church in Serbia

  • political and religious situation in the former Yugoslavia

  • interpretations of texts and films

Štefan, Jan, prof.

(systematic theology))

  • Evangelical faith

Ulrichová, Monika, Dr.


  • Why it is important to die at home?

  • changing values in people who are dying

  • Why it is great to die well?

  • How important it is to talk about death?

  • Why do people have therapists? Everything used to be handled by the family.

Vaňáč, Martin, Dr.

(ekumenical theology)

  • the Roman Catholic Church

  • relationships between Christian churches (ecumenism)

  • Christian churches in the Czech Republic

Vojtíšek, Zdeněk, doc.

(religion studies)

  • contemporary religion

  • sects and new religions

  • religion and violence, religious nationalism

  • end of the world  

  • contemporary spirituality

Zámečník, Jan, Dr.

(teological ethics)

  • Christianity and the environmental crisis

  • Christianity and the relationship with animals

  • Christianity and consumerism

  • the question of evil

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