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Short-term studies in theology in Prague - for Erasmus and non-Erasmus students

The short-term studies programme is intended primarily for students who are (or have been) studying theology or a related subject at a university or institute of higher education in their own country and who wish to come and study at our Faculty for a year or a semester before returning to complete their studies at home. Many of the students on the short-term studies programme come through the EU Erasmus exchange programme, but it is also open to non-Erasmus students. Knowledge of Czech is not necessary, because students can choose from a range of Odkaz v rámci webu  courses taught in English and a few in German. Students with a sufficient knowledge of Czech can also attend course taught in Czech, but it is normally expected that all short-term studies students attend at least one course per semester in English or German. The short-term studies programme does not lead to the award of any diploma or degree, but students are issued with a transcript of records showing the courses they have successfully completed, and the number of ECTS credits awarded, which will usually be recognised by their home university.

For Erasmus students

All information for Erasmus students can be found Odkaz v rámci webu  here.

For non-Erasmus students

The short-term studies programme is of course also open to non-Erasmus students if they meet the profile outlined above.

Application procedure for non-Erasmus students: Fill out Dokument ke stáhnutĂ­  this application form and send it to the Office for International Relations, together with (1) confirmation that you are or have been studying theology or a related subject at university level (e.g. confirmation of matriculation or copy of diploma) and (2) confirmation of your English language skills (a certificate or confirmation from your university that you are capable of studying in English, at least to B2 standard on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). Applications should normally be sent by 31 July (for the winter semester) or 15 December (for the summer semester), but if you need a visa then you will have to apply much earlier. On receiving your application, we will send you official confirmation of acceptance.

Read further information on Odkaz v rámci webu  accommodation Odkaz v rámci webu  finances Odkaz v rámci webu  visas Odkaz v rámci webu  academic calendar and Odkaz v rámci dokumentu orientation programmes.

Orientation programmes

The Office for International Relations at the Protestant Theological Faculty organises an orientation fortnight, including information about your stay in Prague, excursions to places of interest, and an optional introductory course to the Czech language, in the 2 weeks before the beginning of the winter semester (usually the last 2 weeks in September). Details will be sent when we receive your application form. There will be a shorter orientation programme before the summer semester.

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