Students from Ukraine - Free movers

The "Free-mover" scheme from April 2022 (or later) to 30 September 2022 with possible enrolment into Full degree study programme from 1 October 2022

A student at Charles University in the Free-mover regime can only be a citizen of Ukraine who is currently enrolled in a university outside the Czech Republic.

Free-mover remains a student of his/her home university and is only on a foreign study stay at the Protestant Theological Faculty of Charles University (PTF CU).

A Ukrainian student can be admitted to the Free-mover scheme if he or she is studying at his or her home university in a programme that falls within the portfolio of study programmes taught at the PTF.

Study for Ukrainian students in Free-mover mode is FREE.

Free-mover students can receive a scholarship:

1. The scholarship is in the amount of 15,000 CZK / monthly

2. The scholarship is awarded from the date of enrolment for study stay, (so far) until no later than 30 September 2022

The scholarship can only be awarded to persons who are in the Czech Republic and have proof of temporary protection or a special visa (in the passport).

Free-movers can get accommodation at Charles University dormitories on the same terms as regular students of Charles University

One of the main goals of Free-movers is to pass the entrance exam successfully and to become a full student of PTF from October 2022, so they should quickly learn the best possible Czech and get to know the Czech environment

Students admitted to the Free-mover scheme are required to study at Charles University:

1. Free-movers must attend Czech lessons organised at Charles University (and pay for them with a scholarship)

- Czech language classes run between May and September 2022

2. And also/or to take part in lessons, i.e. to attend courses together with ordinary students of PTF

- The courses are part of the teaching in the ongoing summer semester 2022, teaching in this semester 2022 ends on 28 May 2022

Here you can download the application form for studies in Free-mover scheme

We also ask for the following documents to be submitted:

1. Proof that the applicant is a citizen of Ukraine

2. Proof of temporary protection or special visa (passport)

3. Proof of up-to-date study at a university outside the Czech Republic

(if this document cannot be substantiated, it is possible to certify this fact with a sworn declaration in exceptional cases)

4. Structured professional/academic CV

Completed application form (in electronic version, you don't have to sign it) and the required documents please send to:


For enquiries about the possibility of admission to a Freemover study stay at the PTF (possible candidates), please write to the above e-mail addresses.

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