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The two-year Master's programme in Protestant Theology, taught in Czech

This programme is open to those who are fluent in Czech, already have a Bachelor's degree in theology, and have passed an examination in Greek, Hebrew, and Latin. It enables students to deepen their knowledge of work with biblical texts (based on a knowledge of the biblical languages), the historical devleopment of Christian thought (with an emphasis on the development of Christianity in the Czech lands), current systematic and moral theological concepts, and the broader philosophical and religious context (especially the theology of religions and inter-religious dialogue). An important aspect is acquiring the knowedge and skills required for applying theology in practice (pastoral work, catechetics, liturgy and homiletics), and graduates are eligible as candidates for the ministry with the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren. Those successfully completing the programme will be awarded a Master's degree by Charles University. ExternĂ­ odkaz  More details ExternĂ­ odkaz  and application procedure

The two-year Master's programme in Christian Crisis and Pastoral Work - Diaconia, taught in Czech

The programme aims at preparing students for pastoral and psycho-social crisis work with a Christian motivation. The requirements include fluency in Czech and a Bachelor's degree in social work, theology, or social care. The main emphasis is on the value basis of cooperation with individuals and communities, on the knowledge of the social perspectives of Christianity and other world religions (inter-religious dialogue), on an ethical perspective in social work (professional ethics in helping professions), on value management and community work, and on academic research work in the humanities and social sciences.

Those successfully completing the programme will be awarded a Master's degree by Charles University. ExternĂ­ odkaz More details ExternĂ­ odkaz  and application procedure

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