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Postgraduate doctoral studies

Postgraduate doctoral studies at the Protestant Theological Faculty are offered in one of the following four fields: Biblical Theology; Historical and Systematic Theology; Practical and Ecumenical Theology and Theological Ethics; and Philosophy of Religion. Doctoral programmes can be studied in either Czech, English, or German.

The programme is open to those who have graduated from a university or other institute of higher education with a master's degree in Protestant Theology (or a related discipline) and have given proof of their academic abilities. Applicants also need to have passed examinations in at least one of the languages important for European theology, other than their mother tongue (i. e. German, English, French, Italian, or Spanish).

Postgraduate doctoral studies consist of research activity leading towards a written dissertation, broadening and deepening the student's knowledge in the field of study, and mastering the techniques of academic work. Students are also required to attend certain lectures, seminars or convocations, pass an examination in a second language, write various papers, reviews, or literature searches, pass three examinations in theological disciplines, and publish articles in specialist journals. The individual study plan is worked out together with the student's supervisor. Students who fulfil these requirements, and successfully submit and defend their dissertation, are awarded the title of Ph.D. by Charles University.

The normal length of postgraduate doctoral studies is four years. The maximum duration of the studies is nine years. There are no tuition fees for students who are studying in Czech. Tuition fees for students studying in other languages are currently 25,000 Czech crowns per year.

Application procedure

Potential applicants should first contact the appropriate Odkaz v rámci webu Head of Department for the field in which they wish to write their dissertation, giving details of the topic for the dissertation and the language they will study in. The Department will then consider if there is an appropriate person available to act as a supervisor. If so, and if possible in consultation with the prospective supervisor, the applicant should submit a written application including the following:

Admission procedure: ExternĂ­ odkaz  General and faculty requirements

  • curriculum vitae including a detailed description of theological studies undertaken so far

  • certified copy of Master's degree

  • if possible recommendation from a previous academic supervisor or teacher

  • an outline of the proposed dissertation project, including the topic, field, methods and aim of the research (2-3 pages)

The deadline for submitting written applications is usually 30 April for the following academic year. Entrance examinations then usually take place in June, consisting of an interview with members of the Faculty's Inter-Disciplinary Council for Postgraduate Studies, in which the applicant defends the outline of his or her proposed dissertation project.

Further information can be obtained from the Vice-Dean for Research and Doctoral Studies at Mail 

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