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ecumenical theology, cultural theology, dialogue with postmodern society, Christian spirituality, Orthodox theology

Ivana Noble is Professor of Ecumenical Theology at the Protestant Theological Faculty of Charles University in Prague, where she is currently Director of the Ecumenical Institute. She is a priest in the Czechoslovak Hussite Church and a former president of Societas Oecumenica. For five years, she was in charge of a research project investigating Orthodox Theology in the West, and currently she leads Charles University Centre of Excellence on Theological Anthropology in Ecumenical Perspective. She has the following research interest: Ecumenical Theology, Orthodox Theology and Spirituality, Theological Anthropology, Christian Spirituality, Hermeneutics, Phenomenology, Poststructuralism, Theology and Culture, Theology and the Arts.

  • Head of the Ecumenical Institute

  • Head of the Commission for the Doctoral Studies Practical Theology, Ecumenical Theology and Theological Ethics

  • Member of the faculty and of the university Scientific Councils

Studies and Qualifications

  • 2014 - Professor in Ecumenical Theology: Protestant Theological Faculty of Charles University.

  • 2005 - Habilitation in Systematic Theology: Protestant Theological Faculty of Charles University in Prague. (Habilitation work: Theology as an Interpretation of Religious Experience).

  • 1992–99 - PhD in Systematic Theology: Heythrop College, University of London. (Thesis: Accounts of Hope: a Problem of Method in Postmodern Apologia. Supervisor: Dr. F.J. Laishley SJ).

  • 1989–91 - Master’s in Theology (with distinction): Hussite Theological Faculty of Charles University in Prague. (Master’s dissertation: The Relationship between Natural and Revealed Theology in Paul Tillich – in Czech).

  • 1988–89 - Certificate in Ecumenical Theology: The Ecumenical Institute of the World Council of Churches in Bossey, Switzerland

  • 1986–88 - Bachelor’s in Theology: Jan Hus Czechoslovak Theological Faculty in Prague. (Bachelor’s dissertation: Christian Church Relations with the Jews during World War II – in Czech).

Employment in Academic Institutions

  • Protestant Theological Faculty of Charles University in Prague, 1999-present, currently Professor, Director of the Ecumenical Institute.

  • International Baptist Theological Seminary in Prague (Senior Research Fellow, part-time, 2004–14).

  • Institute of Ecumenical Studies in Prague, director, 1995–2001.

  • Hussite Theological Faculty of Charles University in Prague, lecturer, 1993–94.

Awards and Fellowships

  • Selected among winners of The Competition of High Quality Monographs of Charles University, Prague, 2016 with a book NOBLE, Ivana, NOBLE, Tim, BAUEROVÁ, Kateřina, and PARUSHEV, Parush. Wrestling with the Mind of the Fathers. (Yonkers, NY: St Vladimir’s Seminary Press, 2015).

  • Selected among winners of The Competition of High Quality Monographs of Charles University, Prague, 2012 with a book: Noble, Ivana. Theological Interpretation of Culture in Post-Communist Context: Central and East European Search for Roots. (Farnham: Ashgate, 2010).

  • Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Visiting Research Fellow, 2008, three months.

  • International Baptist Theological Study Centre Amsterdam, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Senior Research Fellow, 2014-present.

Main Research Projects and Grants

  • Charles University Centre of Excellency: Theological Anthropology in Ecumenical Perspective (UNCE n. 204052, a joined project of the Protestant and the Catholic faculties, 2018-2023), principal investigator.

  • Charles University Grant: Theology as a Way of Interpreting History, Traditions and Contemporary Society (PROGRES Q01], 2017-, researcher

  • EEA and Norway Grants: „The Churches’ Response of Welcome to the Migrant Other“ (NF-CZ07-ICP-4-334-2016), 2016, researcher.

  • Charles University Grant: Theology as a way of Interpreting History and Culture (PRVOUK P01], 2012-2016, researcher.

  • Grant Agency of the Czech Republic: “Symbolic Mediation of Wholeness in Western Orthodoxy” (GAČR P401/11/1688), 2011 – 2015, principal investigator.

  • Czech Ministry of Education: “The Hermeneutics of the Christian Tradition, in Particular its Czech and Protestant Forms, in the Cultural History of Europe” (MSM0021620802), 2005-2011.

  • Grant Agency of the Czech Republic, “Relationship between Hermeneutics of Suspicion and the Apophatic Way” (GAČR 401/01/D118), 2000-2002, principal investigator.

  • Fond of Development of Czech Universities, “Liturgy” (FRVŠ 1702/01, F5), 2000-2001, project director.

Postdoctoral Fellows, Supervision of PhD Students and Other Teaching Activities

  • Garant of the International post-doctoral fellowship in Charles University in Prague: “Specific Forms of Theological Epistemology in Christian History”, Nevena Dimitrova, PhD., 2012 – 2014.

  • 7 successful PhDs (supervised under Charles University, University of Wales and and the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam). One of my former students works as a Director of the Institute of Ecumenical Studies in Prague, three others teach in the field in the universities in Britain and Czech Republic.

  • Currently I am the main supervisor of 7 PhDs and a co-supervisor of 2, from USA, Canada, Romania, Russia, Spain, Lithuania, Slovakia and Czech Republic

  • List of courses recently taught at Charles University: Introduction to Theology; Hermeneutics of Scripture and Tradition; Theological Anthropology; Eschatology; Theological Interpretation of Culture; Symbol and Sacrament; Orthodox Theology of the 20th Century, Theology as an Interpretation of Religious Experience.

  • Teaching abroad: VU Amsterdam, research doctoral seminar (annually – ten days); Erasmus exchanges (Belgium, Britain, Romania, Bulgaria)

Responsibilities, Commissions of Trust

  • Evaluator of National accreditation commission in Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies, 2017-present.

  • Academy of Finland: Research Council for Culture and Society, Member of a Commission for Theology and Religious Studies, 2017-present.

  • Analogia: The Pemtousia Journal for Theological Studies, member of the advisory board, 2017-present.

  • Charles University, member of the evaluation commisssion for scientific programmes PRIMUS, PROGRES, UNCE, 2016-present.

  • The Louvain Centre for Eastern and Oriental Christianity, Leuven, International Advisory Board member, 2015-present.

  • Research Foundation – Flanders (FWO), Bruxelles, panel member of CULT 4: Theology and Religion Sciences, 2015-2020.

  • French Institute for Research in Social Sciences (CEFRES), Prague, member of the Executive Committee, 2015-present.

  • Member of University Scientific Councils, Charles University, Prague, 2006-present, University of South Bohemia, 2012-2016; Protestant Theological Faculty Scientific Council, 2006-present.

  • Commission for the Development of Scientific Fields at Charles University, head of the section Philosophy – Theology – Law, 2012-present;

  • Grant Agency of the Charles University, member of the evaluating commission for Philosophy – Theology – Law, 2002-08.

  • Editorial Boards: Communio Viatorum, co-editor, 2001-present; Acta Universitatis Carolinae Theologica, 2011-present; Církevní dějiny [Church History], 2009-present; Teologie a Společnost [Theology and Society], 2003-06; Getsemany, 1991–99.

  • External Examiner, Irish School of Ecumenics, 2006-08.

  • Founding member and the first Vice-President of the Academic Senate of the Charles University, 1990-91.

  • Founding member of the Academic Senate of the Hussite Theological Faculty of Charles University, 1990-91.

Membership of Scientific Societies

  • Societas Oecumenica: European Academic Association for Ecumenical Theology 2001-present, President, 2006–2008: Member of Executive Committee and Main Organiser of the biennial meeting held in Prague in 2006, 2004–2006: Secretary 2002–2004.

  • European Academy of Religion, 2017, 2019.

  • Spiritual Directors Europe, 2006-2017.

  • American Academy of Religion, 2003-04, 2016.

  • “Stolní společnost” (“Table Society”), a European-funded interdisciplinary group of academics, diplomats, politicians, etc., meeting monthly to discuss European issues, a founding member,2013-present.

Select Bibliography

Publishing and other professional activities registered in databaze OBD.

Complete updated bibliography here.


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