Nostrification Process - Recognition of foreign education qualifications

In order to be accepted on study programmes at Bachelor's, Master's, or doctoral level you need to provide proof of your previous educational qualifications, for example, depending on the study programme you are applying for, a secondary school leaving certificate, a Bachelor’s degree, or a Master’s degree.

If your qualification has not been issued by a Czech educational establishment, but by an educational establishment in another country, then you need to get it officially recognised by the Czech authorities. This process is known as "nostrification".

There are different kinds of nostrification procedure, depending on why you need your diploma recognised.

Recognition of foreign secondary and higher education for applicants to study programmes at the Protestant Theological Faculty

This recognition is valid only for the purposes of the admission procedure at Charles University.

Detailed information

Form to be completed

Verification methods according to country where education has been gained

Bank details for paying nostrification fee

IMPORTANT: Please make sure that the faculty receives full amount of the payment. Fees for international transfer shall be paid by the sender.

Further information about the nostrification procedure at the Protestant Theological Faculty of Charles University is available from its Study Department at

The person responsible for nostrification is: Jan Roskovec, Th.D.

The nostrification form and supporting documents must be sent by post to the address of the Faculty:

Study Department

Protestant Theological Faculty

Charles University

Černá 9

CZ - 110 00 Prague 1

Czech Republic

General recognition of foreign secondary and higher education for other purposes

If you need your qualifications recognised for any other reason than for studying at Charles University – for example if you want to study at another Czech higher education institution or for the purpose of employment – then you should follow the instructions under procedure b) (for higher education certificates) or c) (for secondary school leaving certificates) on Charles University’s website here.

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