Nostrification Process

Applicants who are not citizens of the Czech Republic or do not have Czech educational qualifications have to submit an official decision by the Czech authorities recognising the validity of their educational qualifications in the Czech Republic (“nostrification”).

Applicants who ALREADY HAVE a degree or certificate in ANY DISCIPLINE from an institution for higher education must apply for nostrification to a higher educational institution in the Czech Republic which is relevant to the subject of their degree.

For example the instructions for the procedure at Charles University can be found here.

An overview of higher education institutions in Czech Republic can be found here.

The nostrification application form for higher education institution can be downloaded here.

Applicants who DO NOT HAVE a degree or certificate from an institution of higher education need to apply for the nostrification of their secondary school leaving certificate following the instructions here. (Scroll right down to the bottom for information in English.)

It is highly recommended that you start the nostrification process as soon as possible. The valid nostrification document must be submitted before the applicant can be enrolled in the study programme.

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