Erasmus Programme

Application procedure

If you want to study theology or social work with us then first you must be nominated by your home university - check the list here to see if your university has an Erasmus agreement with us. The Erasmus coordinator at your university will have to sign and stamp your application form when you have completed it to confirm that you have been officially nominated.

The application process is organised centrally for all faculties through the Charles University Erasmus office (the European Office). You can find full details on their website here.

Below we give some additional information relating specifically to our Faculty.

As you can see, once you have been nominated by your home university, the next step is to register online. On the basis of the information you give, the system will then automatically generate an Application Form, including the Learning Agreement, which you download, print, and sign, and have it signed and stamped by your Erasmus coordinator so we know you have been nominated by your university. Please send the form to the Office for International Relations at our faculty (see contact details below). You can send it by post or scanned in pdf format as an e-mail attachment. We will confirm it and send it on to the European Office. Our faculty does not require a Transcript of Academic Records from you.

Language requirements

Incoming students must be capable of studying in either English or Czech (or both). We usually offer one or two courses in German, but this is not enough for a full workload. We do not require a language certificate from you, but we expect you to have language skills equivalent to level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Learning Agreement

The courses we will offer in the next academic year are not usually published until late July, so when filling in courses on the online registration form the best thing is to fill in courses we are teaching this year. Some courses are offered every year, while others may change, but the overall range of courses will be similar each year. It is also possible to choose courses offered by other faculties but we cannot guarantee 100% that you will be able to take them as they may be full with Erasmus students at that faculty or may clash with courses at the Protestant Theological Faculty. In any case you must choose at least 51% of your courses from the Protestant Theological Faculty. If your home university agrees, it is always possible to change your choice of courses later (for example after you arrive in Prague) and fill out a new Learning Agreement if necessary.


You can find:

  • courses offered in English and German at the Protestant Theological Faculty in recent years here,

  • courses at other faculties in English, German, and French here,

  • all courses taught at all faculties (most of them in Czech) in the Student Information System (SIS - Charles University database of courses) here,

  • a guide to using SIS issued by the Arts Faculty to be downloaded here.

Deadline for applications

  • 15 June for the winter semester

  • 31 October for the summer semester

The online registration application is usually open from 1 March till 15 June for those registering for the winter semester or the whole year, and again from 1 September till 31 October for those registering for the summer semester. Students coming for the summer semester can also register before 15 June if they need to for any reason.

Academic calendar

For information about the dates of the academic year, see here

Orientation programmes

The Office for International Relations at the Protestant Theological Faculty organises an orientation fortnight, including information about your stay in Prague, excursions to places of interest, and an introductory course to the Czech language, in the 2 weeks before the beginning of the winter semester (usually the last 2 weeks in September). Details will be sent when we receive your application form. There will be a shorter orientation programme before the summer semester.


Information is available here.

Visas and health insurance

Information is available here.

Further information

You will receive further information from both Charles University European Office and the Protestant Theological Faculty Office for International Relations when they have received your application form. Information is also available on the internet:

  • Information about Erasmus at Charles University in general at the European Office's website: here

  • Specific information about the Protestant Theological Faculty here

If you need to know anything else in the meantime we are of course happy to answer your questions. But to save time first please check the information above and the links we have given to make sure you cannot find the answers there.

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Protestant Theological Faculty


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