PhD in Historical and Systematic Theology

This doctoral programme covers a wide range of themes, either the history of Christian churches, piety, thought and cultures (from the patristic period to contemporary history), or a systematic reflection on theological concepts and their place in the totality of Christian faith. We thus offer two possible main foci of study, with a great variety of specific subtopics. In doing so, however, we aim to ensure that all students both broaden their historical horizon and deepen their understanding of theological concepts and contexts and their ability to engage with them meaningfully. This gives special importance and priority to topics that balance both in the most natural way, that is, especially those that relate directly to the field of the history of thought and theology. However, we do not a priori limit the topics accepted to them; we try to respect the students' own interests and their prior training, so that the systematic-theological demands are more moderate for students with a strong historical orientation and vice versa. Even in these cases, however, the principle is maintained that anyone who wants to investigate the history of Christianity needs to be familiar with theological thought and terminology to the necessary extent; conversely, even systematic-theological reflection must not be limited to speculation and must be anchored by knowledge of the historically concrete forms of Christian traditions and respect for the critical methodological armament developed by historical scholarship.

In addition to Masters of Theology, graduates of related humanities disciplines may also apply to study with us. All of them, however, are expected to have a background in critical work with and interpretation of mainly written sources in the original languages, corresponding to a completed master's degree in these fields, as well as a demonstrable interest in deepening this in the expertise context of our programme.

The first step that those interested in doctoral studies must undergo is a consultation with the guarantor of the programme, during which, in addition to the field of affiliation or non-affiliation of the planned project, it should be clarified whether we can find a suitable supervisor in our ranks.

Postgraduate doctoral studies in Historical and Systematic Theology are guranteed by:

prof. Martin Wernisch, Dr

Head of Department of Church History

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Field of expertise: history of dogma and theology, history of the Reformation and denominational cultures, Lutheran research, church historiography

Other supervisors and their fields of expertise


Assoc. Prof. Ota Halama, Th.D

medieval and reformation history in general, especially the history and thinking of the Czech Reformation and its traditions


prof. ThDr. Jan Štefan

soteriology, ecclesiology and eschatology - in Lutheran view, with ecumenical perspective; German and Czech evangelical theology of the 20th century; dialectical theology; Martin Luther; Karl Barth; most recently D. Bonhoeffer

Assoc. Prof. ThDr. Petr Macek, Ph.D.

christology, theological legacy of the "radical reformation", biblical and theological hermeneutics, philosophical theology, Anglo-American theological production

Assoc. Prof. Petr Gallus, Ph.D.

christology, anthropology, fundamental theology, semiotics, the relationship between theology and philosophy, social ethics

If you have further questions....

Assoc. Prof. Petr Sláma, Ph.D.

Vice-Dean for Doctoral Studies

(+420) 221 988 418

Karolína Surovcová

Doctoral Program Liaison

(+420) 221 988 210

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