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About the Faculty
Studying theology or social work in Prague
Post-Doctoral Fellowship
Past conferences
Intensive Seminar Diaconia 2012
Conference "Hidden Europe", September 2012
Conference "Social Work and Theology", April 2013
Conference "Diaconia Under Pressure", September 17-20 2014, Stockholm, Sweden
Conference "Aramaean Borders. Defining Aramaean Territories in the 10th - 8 th Centuries BCE", April 2016, Prague

The fifth biennial conference on the research and study of diaconia and Christian social practice, September 17th - 20th, 2014 is being organised by an independent international research society for diaconia and Christian social practice (ReDi) in collaboration with Ersta Sköndal University College in Stockholm, Sweden. The title of the conference, Diaconia Under Pressure, signals a hands-on approach to deal with the current situation of diaconia and Christian social practice under several aspects. 

For more information visit the Conference ExternĂ­ odkaz website

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