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Studying theology or social work in Prague
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Past conferences
Intensive Seminar Diaconia 2012
Conference "Hidden Europe", September 2012
Conference "Social Work and Theology", April 2013
Conference "Diaconia Under Pressure", September 17-20 2014, Stockholm, Sweden
Conference "Aramaean Borders. Defining Aramaean Territories in the 10th - 8 th Centuries BCE", April 2016, Prague

Intensive Seminar in Diaconia "Beyond the Social Services", Prague, 10 - 19 February 2012

The 2nd Intensive Seminar in Diaconia "Beyond the Social Services" took place at the Protestant Theological Faculty of Charles University in Prague on 10-19 February 2012

Dokument ke stáhnutĂ­ Programme of the seminar

Presentations and lectures from the seminar see below:

Saturday 11th February

Dokument ke stáhnutĂ­ Johannes Eurich: Community and Community Based Approaches (Definition, History etc.)

Dokument ke stáhnutĂ­ Stephanie Dietrich; Kari Karsrud Korslien: Christian Community

Dokument ke stáhnutĂ­ Jindřich Halama: Christian Community in a Hostile World? (Czech Brethren)

Monday 13th February

Dokument ke stáhnutĂ­  Vaike Salveste: Human Rights are Challenges to Citizens

Dokument ke stáhnutĂ­ Ari Nieminen: Bases of Citizenship – Strengthening or Weakening?

Tuesday 14th February

ExternĂ­ odkaz Jana Kosová: Community Work of "Czech West" ("Český západ"); Romanies and Majority

Dokument ke stáhnutĂ­ Kari Ruotsalainen & Ari Nieminen: Community Based Approaches from Perspectives of Church and Welfare State

Thursday 16th February

Dokument ke stáhnutĂ­ Kari Ruotsalainen: Diaconia in the Context of Northern Scandinavia

Dokument ke stáhnutĂ­ David Šorm: The priest and his country

Friday 17th February

Dokument ke stáhnutĂ­ Heinz Schmidt: Values and Ethical Reflection in Diaconal and Social Work in Communities

Dokument ke stáhnutĂ­ Eva Dohnalová: InBaze Berkat; Community Centre for migrants and Czech public

Some photos from the seminar see ExternĂ­ odkaz here.

A few facts about Czech Republic see Dokument ke stáhnutĂ­ here.

Contact persons at the Protestant Theological Faculty:

PhDr. Bohumila Baštecká, Ph.D., Mail 

The International Office - Vera Fritzova , M.A., Peter Stephens, M.A., Mail 

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