Christianity after Christendom: Exploring the Human Condition in the Digital Age

The Theology & Contemporary Culture research group is a free consortium of young researchers which endeavors to affirm the rich legacy of theological ideas that lie dormant within a media/technology-dominated world. It adheres to the modes of faith that contribute to the secular scientific age, rather than annul them in dismissive opposition. In doing so, it also aims at understanding what it means and what it no longer means to be human in our contemporary European and global culture. Our work is dedicated to reading “the signs of the times” we live in.

The Protestant Theological Faculty is hosting this research project, the full title of which runs as “Christianity after Christendom: Exploring the Human Condition in the Digital Age” (2019-2022).

The project embraces a holistic approach to human experience living in information society. The underlying hypothesis of this project is that advanced systems of communication transform the experience of the world, the construction of identity, and the formation of social and political communities. The project assumes that this experience as a whole is mediated and shaped by an algorithmic rationality as the predominant form of secularization in our historical present. At the same time, it intends to present a critique of culture defined by algorithms like those on social media in the totalitarian manner of a religion. It attempts to bring theology, as such, into dialogue with predominant issues of the present age, such as information interconnectivity and digital or datafied ways of life.

More information, including biographies of all members of The Theology & Contemporary Culture research group available at

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