Department of Religious Studies

Head of Department

prof. Pavel Hošek, Ph.D.

221 988 420

The discipline of Religious Studies at the Protestant Theological Faculty explores religion from the perspective of Christian faith and tradition, thus in lively conversation with all theological disciplines and philosophy. As such, it must be aware of this pre-understanding. While playing a role in determining the themes of its inquiry, this pre-understanding should not interfere with its methodological approaches. At a theological faculty, Religious Studies should not be turned into a defender of Christian orthodoxy, seeking to employ knowledge about non-Christian religions or the contemporary world, abundant in new religious movements and various spiritualities, in a pursuit of proving Christianity as the climax of religion or the "best offer" at the "religious market." Nevertheless, Religious Studies may, and should, acknowledge the truth of Christian faith - however, always indirectly, by unintentionally convincing the recipients (who are, at the same time, co-authors) of its research that can never be a priori given.

Staff of the Department

Head of Department

prof. Pavel Hošek, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

doc. PhDr. Zdeněk Vojtíšek, Th.D.

Senior Lecturer

Mgr. Pavol Bargár, M.St., Ph.D.

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