The Library of the Protestant Theological Faculty

The library has been an important and integral part of the Faculty since it was founded. In 1919 it consisted of a few thousand books which the first students and teachers brought with them from Vienna. During the course of time it has gradually grown, until today it is the most extensive and best-equipped library for specialist theological literature in the entire country, containing some 120,000 volumes and 180 periodicals in several languages, mainly German, Czech and English.

Old, rare and valuable books are kept in a special depositary, but the majority of the titles in the library collection can be freely consulted in the library's well-equipped main reading room or in the periodical room.

Among other services provided are copying, scanning, printing, inter-library lending, and access to electronic sources of information. A number of theological and religious databases can be consulted both in the library and via the internet, as can the library's catalogue.

The premises which have been specially designed for the library in the Faculty building provide an excellent basis for its further development and modernisation so that it can continue to hold its place as an important specialist theological library meeting European standards and ready to cooperate with other libraries in the field both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

More information is available on the library's website , which includes the catalogue with instructions in English. If you require more information about the library you can contact them or by telephone at (+420) 221 988 603.

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