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Communio viatorum

A theological journal from Central European perspectives founded in 1958 by J. L. Hromádka and J. B. Souček

published by Charles University in Prague, Protestant Theological Faculty three times a year.

Mission statement

The journal Communio viatorum seeks to promote research and scholarly debate in all theological disciplines. Since its foundation special attention has been paid to both biblical studies and Czech Protestants´ history. Nowadays, new accents within the field of theology as well as relevant challenges from neighbouring disciplines, developments in the Church worldwide as well as new moves within society are apprehended, reflected and related to the ongoing process of theological discourse.

Peer-reviewed journal

Communio Viatorum is a peer-reviewed journal. All articles will be submitted anonymously to at least two competent scholars in the field.

Form for a reviewer: here

Form for a reviewer in Czech Language: here


Marianne Grohmann, Wien

Michael Kirwan, London

Katharina Kunter, Karlsruhe

Dirk G.Lange, Philadelphia, Pa

Peter C.A. Morée, Praha

Ivana Noble, Praha

D.Charles Raynal, Decatur, Ga

Editor in chief: Petr Sláma, Praha


Communio viatorum is indexed in the database Web of Science, published by the Clarivate Analytics company.

CV is also indexed in:

ATLA Religion Database (with fulltext ATLA Serials)



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