2011/3 (LIII)

2011/3 (LIII)


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Antony Tiselton 7

The Holy Spirit in the Latin Fathers with Special Reference to Their Use of 1. Corinthians 12 and This Chapter in Modern Scholarship

Joost Van Rossum 25

The Experience of the Holy Spirit in Greek Patristic and Byzantine Theology

Athanasios Papathanasiou 40

If I Cross the Boundaries, You Are There! An Affirmation of God´s Action Outsider the Canonical Boundaries of the Church

Jim Purves 56

Water, Fire and Wind: Visiting the Roots of Pentecostal Pneumatology


Ivan Landa 74

M. D. Krüger, Die trinitarische Spekulation und göttliche Freiheit beim späten Schelling

Kristýna Obrdlíková 87

Matthew C. Steenberg, Irenaeus on Creation

Ivana Noble 91

Bruce T. Morrill, Divine Worship and Human Healing

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