Proměny tradice: důsledky pro současnou ekumenickou teologii

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Mgr. Zdenko Širka, Ph.D.

Mgr. Pavol Bargár, Ph.D.


Project-registration No.: 17-00987S



This project explores different sources and concepts of tradition, by way of critical engagement with various Western and Eastern Orthodox thinkers, in order to propose possible ways forward for contemporary ecumenical theology. This issue will not be analysed in total, but both approaches will be epitomized by concrete authors and on these examples we will discuss and reflect limits, continuity, discontinuity, and above all, transformations of tradition. This project therefore provides a comparative reading and critical discussion of contributions of the Western and Eastern Orthodox sources of hermeneutics of tradition and indicates both the limits and possibilities of ecumenical conversation; it is oriented both on the strengths as well as on the weaknesses of particular conceptions; and it searches for the areas of complementation and mutual enrichment. The project examines practical implications of the hermeneutical conversation for the ecumenical debate between Western and Eastern Orthodox theology, with a particular focus on the developments within the ecumenical movement.


There are three tasks:

(i) to examine current Eastern Orthodox hermeneutics of tradition,

(ii) to analyse inspirational sources of Western hermeneutics of tradition,

(iii) To bring Eastern Orthodox and Western contributions in the conversation and its implications for the current ecumenical movement.

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