Curriculum vitae of prof. Ivana Noble

Studies and Qualifications

  • 2014 - Professor in Ecumenical Theology: Protestant Theological Faculty of Charles University.

  • 2005 - Habilitation in Systematic Theology: Protestant Theological Faculty of Charles University in Prague. (Habilitation work: Theology as an Interpretation of Religious Experience).

  • 1992–99 - PhD in Systematic Theology: Heythrop College, University of London. (Thesis: Accounts of Hope: a Problem of Method in Postmodern Apologia. Supervisor: Dr. F.J. Laishley SJ).

  • 1989–91 - Master’s in Theology (with distinction): Hussite Theological Faculty of Charles University in Prague. (Master’s dissertation: The Relationship between Natural and Revealed Theology in Paul Tillich – in Czech).

  • 1988–89 - Certificate in Ecumenical Theology: The Ecumenical Institute of the World Council of Churches in Bossey, Switzerland

  • 1986–88 - Bachelor’s in Theology: Jan Hus Czechoslovak Theological Faculty in Prague. (Bachelor’s dissertation: Christian Church Relations with the Jews during World War II – in Czech).


  • 1999 – Ecumenical Institute, Protestant Theological Faculty of Charles University in Prague (1999-2005: Assistant Professor.  2005–2014: Associate Professor. Since 2014: Professor; Since 2016 Director of the Institute)

  • 2004–14 - Senior Research Fellow at the International Baptist Theological Seminary in Prague (part-time).

  • 1995–01 - Co-founder and Director of the Institute of Ecumenical Studies in Prague.

  • 1993–94 - Lecturer in the Systematic Theology Department of the Hussite Theological Faculty of Charles University in Prague.

  • 1992–93 - Priest in the Czechoslovak Hussite Church in the parish of Beroun (with centres in the villages of Hýskov and Chýňava).

  • 1985–86 - Delivering Newspaper, Post Office, Plzen-Doubravka.

  • 1984–85 - Assistant Teacher at Primary Boarding School for Children with Hearing Impediments in Plzen.

Current Membership of Academic Boards, Societies and Associations

  • 2015 – International Advisory Board of The Louvain Centre for Eastern and Oriental Christianity, Leuven.

  • 2015 – A panel member of CULT 4: Theology and Religion Sciences, Research Foundation – Flanders (FWO), Bruxelles.

  • 2015-     A member of the Executive Committee of the French Institute for Research in Social Sciences (CEFRES), Prague

  • 2013 – A founding Member of “Stolní společnost” (“Table Society”), a European-funded interdisciplinary group of academics, diplomats, politicians, etc., meeting monthly to discuss European issues.

  • 2012 – Scientific Council of the South Bohemian University.

  • 2012 – Commission for the Development of Scientific Fields at Charles University, Head of the Section Philosophy – Theology – Law.

  • 2011 – Editorial board of Acta Universitatis Carolinae Theologica.

  • 2009 – Editorial board of the journal Církevní dějiny [Church History].

  • 2006 – Member of Spiritual Directors Europe

  • 2006 – Scientific Council of the Charles University in Prague.

  • 2006 – Scientific Council of the Protestant Theological Faculty of Charles University in Prague.

Recent Most Important “Invited Speaker” Lectures and Presentations


  • 2016 International Conference (Erfurt): The Pan-Orthodox Council of 2016 – a New Era for the Orthodox Church? Interdisciplinary Perspectives, “Other Christian Perspectives on the Pan-Orthodox Council“ .

  • 2015    International Conference (Volos, Greece): Metropolitan of Diokleia Kallistos Ware: The Witness of Orthodox in the West, “The Reception of Philokalia, the Meaning of Prayer and the Neptic Tradition in the Work of Metropolitian Kallistos Ware“  (IS)

  • 2015    International Conference (Helsinki): Political Orthodoxy and Totalitarianism in a Post-Communist Era, “Theology after Totalitarian Experience”. (IS)

  • 2015   International Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Scientific Conference (Prague): “Ecumenial Reception and Critique of 20th Century Orthodox Theology in Exile  and Diaspora”. Main organiser and introductory keynote address.

  • 2015    Theosis/Deification: Christian Doctrines of Divinization East and West, Leuven; “An Experiential Approach to Deification: Lessons Learned from Hesychasm, Ignatian Spirituality and (Post) Modern Philosophical Mysticism”, a keynote seaker, together with His All Holiness, Bartholomew I, Archbishop of Constantinople, New Rome, and Ecumenical Patriarch and Professor Rowan Williams, Cambridge University (IS).

  • 2014    Pontifical University of St Thomas (Angelicum) (Rome): Summer School for doctoral students from Central and Eastern Europe: Through the Lens of the Film Director: Exploring Religion and Culture in CEE through the Medium of Film:  “Christ Images in Czech Films”. (IS)

  • 2014   18th Academic Consultation of the Societas Oecumenica (Budapest):  Catholicity under Pressure: The Ambiguous Relationship between Diversity an Unity. Response to Papers (IS).  “Modernist Controversy in the Czech Lands and the Rise of the Contesting Catholic Confessions (Old Catholic, Czechoslovak, and Czech Orthodox Churches)”. (CP)

  • 2014    St Mary’s University in cooperation with Heythrop College, University of London: “The Tension Between the Eschatological and the Utopic Understandings of Tradition in Theologies of the Twentieth Century: Tillich, Florovsky, Congar”. (IS) English version of professorial lecture from Prague.

  • 2014   St Mary’s University (Twickenham), International Conference: The Catholic Church in Dialogue: Ecclesiam Suam and Its Legacy. “From a Schism to Sharing God's Gifts beyond the Institutional Borders: Reflections on the Catholic – Hussite Relations”. (IS)

  • 2014    Institut Catholique (Paris): “Caught in between the West and the East: Struggles for national and ecclesial self-determination in the Czech Lands after the fall of the Austro-Hungarian Empire”. (IS)

  • 2013    Amsterdam Centre of Eastern Orthodox Theology, Free University (VU) (Amsterdam): International Seminar:Orthodox diaspora: a place in-between, a place of encounter, a place for theology.  “An Introduction: The Impact of the Russian Religious Renaissance on the Neo-Patristic Theology”. (IS)

  • 2013    Ecumenical Research Forum, (Hamburg): “The Contribution of Ecumenism to Theological Education”. (IS)

  • 2012    International Conference, co-organised by St Sergius Theological Institute and KU Leuven (Paris): The Forthcoming Council of the Orthodox Church: Understanding the Challenges. “The Future of the Orthodox “Diaspora” – Observer’s Point of View”. (IS)

  • 2012 International Conference, Open University and Volos Academy, (Athens): Reception of Palamas in the West Today. “The Reception of Palamas in the West Today: A Response to Norman Russell”. (IS)

  • 2012 International Conference, St Sergius Theological Institute, (Paris): The Legacy of Fr. John Meyendorff (1926-1992); “Patristic Synthesis or Non-Synthetic Dialectics? A Critical Evaluation of John Meyendorff‘s Contribution”. (IS)

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